Idéias | How To Begin a Journal

Journal writing is not new in today’s time. In fact, it started long centuries ago. Though the style of writing has changed, the content remains the same. A person writes a journal to studiously record his experiences, his achievements and his dreams. Journal writing is man’s natural and cultural extensions of his everyday life. This increases his understanding of his values, deepens his self-knowledge, enhances critical thinking, and improves his relationship with himself and others. This is why keeping your own journal is really important for your personal transformation. If there is someone who should read your life as open books, it must be you, and you need to write it. Of course, this is possible if you regularly maintain an honest-to-goodness journal. Learn the basic and effective ways to begin writing a journal.

  • Choose the proper time and place to write your journal regularly. Whatever kind of journal you are keeping whether dream journal, travel journal, garden journal or any personal kind of journal, this first step will break or make your experience. Either you do it everyday before going to sleep or every weekend after lunch or late afternoon. Whatever time or place, what matters is that you do it and you enjoy doing it. Record not just your daily or weekly highlights but also your low lights as well. Soon, you will feel the worth of your effort.
  • Always start writing with passion. Besides enjoying what you do, you also need to like or want what you are writing. Be passionate of whatever you’re recording. This helps you write your journal fast and regularly without effort because your words and thoughts seem to flow naturally. Sooner or later, you will have your own style and process that will work for you in writing a journal.
  • Make use of materials that can motivate and inspire you. Your journal should be visually good-looking and also useful in everyway. Make your own preference for a pen, a definite color, and a distinct texture to your paper. This produces great enjoyment of your writing process. When you look back, you’ll remember what about the book or the pen that really enticed you. Layers of pleasure will definitely build a firm and strong connection to your journal writing process. Find out everything and anything that you like, be innovative and experiment all of these things until you discover the right formula that works for you.
  • Learn from your willing friends. Find friends who are willing to share few pages of their journal to know their various outputs and distinct process. With this, you’ll learn how to draw, paint, and make collage and doodles to every word you are writing. Later, you’ll have newspaper cuttings, hard-pressed flowers, and images inside your journal. This concept of having additional visual quality to your journal will make you more motivated and enticed to begin your personal journal.

Follow these basic ways and you’ll start writing your own journal in no time because you are fully motivated and enticed.

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