Note About Quality of Life

We live in a high competition business environment, with reduced lifetime products, short time-to-market, elimination of cycles, those things conducting our lives directly to chaos and disorganizing.

To worst the scenario, if you have a boss disorganized, without planning and clear vision, you are really lost because your time in fact is his time, so you can’t planning your professional life.

Mix these things with a desire world (buy this, buy that, it’s never enough…), wonderful candies, chocolates, beers, fat food, fast food. Plus remote control, automatic car, elevators, automatic stairs, DVD Players, e. g., everything is created to produced comfort to people, and everyone appreciated that.

To be short, when you put the lines above in a mixer, as a result show stress, lack of values, lack of concentration, no time to family, no time to take health cares, fat problems, sedentary problems, and others problems. The solution is take control of your life, (a) how do you spend and plan your time? and (b) how do you react when you are stimulated? I think that is important pay attention in every breath, every emotion, every second of life….because this attention put you in another level of conscience, the person can understand what is going on…..and in this moment you can prove a delicious taste of life.

> Eat 5 times per day, health meat, chewing well, feels taste’s food, more carbs on mornings and more protein on evenings

> Choose a sport or exercise and put in practice 3 days per week, 1 hour per day (at least)

> Take care with spiritually, practice some religion that you feel well

> Be there when you talk with someone, eye contact, soul contact

> Do things with passion and love, conducted under values

> Help people when you can

> Act with honor and respect.


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